The Will is Strong but the Flesh is Weak

I established this web presence almost a year ago, thinking I would do all kinds of wonderful things with it. It turns out that I am not that much of a natural blogger. Or a Facebooker or Twitterer either. The other day somebody who expressed his admiration for my writing sent me a friend request on Facebook. I realized that I hadn’t done anything on Facebook for five years, hadn’t uploaded a single photo or posted a single status message.

There are people who feel that they have something to say every day and are writing Facebook statuses and blog entries constantly. On the other hand, here I am finally writing a blog post so that people would not think I was dead!

Since I started this site, the great Kevin Barrett interviewed me twice on Truth Jihad radio. It was the first time I ever did something like that. The first time was last May. and the second time was at the end of December. The latter interview was based around the last article I wrote on the Unz Review, entitled Faith, Reason, Fanaticism, and the Deeper Meaning of “The Donald”. That article, by the way, is my magnum opus. At least so far. There is far more work in that than in the previous three articles combined.

I am working on a couple of new articles, but it is rough going. Writing really does not come all that easily to me.


My Article on the Charlie Hebdo False Flag

About a week after the Charlie Hebdo event of 7 January 2015, I wrote an essay that I submitted to the Saker, who graciously published it on his site. I have just put it up here on this site.

I think it is of some interest to reread this essay now. It was my initial reaction to the event, but I would say that I stand by the thinking that I expressed in the article. Of course, now we have the benefit of hindsight, seeing what has happened over the last year and a half.

In retrospect, it should have been obvious that Charlie Hebdo would be the first in a series of psy ops. That said, at this point in time, they have really upped the tempo on these staged events to level that is outright dizzying.

Islamophobia Inc.

The estimable Linh Dinh just published a couple of blog posts on his site that are based on some private correspondence we had. That is here and here.

These two cases are, of course, a small part of the whole, which is a massive ongoing vilification campaign against Muslims. As you can see if you examine these two specific cases, it is not that they are taking real events and simply exaggerating them. No, there are just people sitting around making up shit.

None of this is even a “conspiracy theory”. There is a whole network of foundations or think-tanks or whatever you want to call them whose entire activity, raison d’être, is fomenting Islamophobia. For example the Gatestone Institute or the Clarion Project. If you look at the funding and the running of these sorts of things, and their connections, you see that these are Zionist operations. Those two are just a couple examples. There is a whole interlaced network of these things and it’s entirely a neocon/zionist sort of thing.


Hello, World

I just started this blog, since establishing some sort of web presence popped up on my TODO list.

Earlier this year, I wrote an article for the Unz Review, entitled Battling the Matrix and Freeing Oneself from the Roger Rabbit Mental World, which is partly about deep politics (what other people call “conspiracy theories”) but really about my own intellectual evolution over the last decade or so.

A new article will be appear in the next few days on the Unz Review.